The Sklei Winning Contest Celebration
Party logo by Sklei


I won a talent contest with my juggling skills.


May 27th 2012 8:00 AM EST


Party Hosted by Sklei and is made for Sci, Brian, Cartoon, Zon, Bike, Rex Forte, Naruto, N8, Rex Tennyson, Ancy and Sub


A Party with an RP, games, advertising and alot of fun!

Please suggest what should we do at the party.

Suggestion listEdit

  • Role Play - A big RP together
  • Adverisment - Anyone who wants to gets a few miniutes when he advertises his stuff.
  • Questions and answers - Q&A for KOTS orginaized by me. Anyone can ask questions about stuff in the show. (maybe allow other people to do that)
  • Be wild and play games have quizes etc.
  • Write more ideas in the comments.