The Murder Mystery Party
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To have a fun party where everyone is involved.


October 17th


Party Hosted by THE MYSTERY GANG


A Party in which a random user is killed, and everyone goes to different wikis to find out who killed the user. Everyone is a detective and Suspect.

Whoever wants to be in the party sign up in the " Guests A.K.A Suspects and Detectives " area.

NOTE: One User will be randomly choosen as the murderer and one user will randomly be choosen as the victim.


We have some random user killed, and send the party guests notes on how to find clues leading to the murderur. We will put clues on different wikis, throughout wikia. The Guesstswill have to look for those clues to solve the murder mystery.

People at the PartyEdit

The Mystery GangEdit

The Mystery Gang is the brains of the party. Mystery Gang members create the riddles and clues of the game, choose the wikis they'll be hidden in, decide who is the killer and who is the victim. They don't look for the clues and don't figure out who the killer is. In the party, they are the police. They make everyone suspects. To prove their innocence, the guests must become Detectives.

  1. Sklei
  2. Sci
  3. Regular

Guests A.K.A Suspects and DetectivesEdit

Guests A.K.A Suspects and Detectvies are different people. They are the main people in the party. They are guests of someone's party when the host is killed ( in PC ). The Mystery Gang, also the Police say everyone in this group are Suspects. You have to prove your innocence by solving the murder mystery. Who killed whom?

  1. Migster7

Tronfan 20:55, October 7, 2012 (UTC)

Congrats, you found the fourth clue in the Murder Mystery Party. The Next Clue is on the last person to edit this page's userpage on the Generator Rex Fan Fiction Wiki. The Letter of the Killer is: Y