The End Of The Summer Party


To celebrate the end of the summer!


August 24th at 10 AM EST


Cartoon44 The Host, all of the knights (Sklei, Jack, Sci) and all of my other friends.


A party where you get to disguise yourself as a made up superhero in your account.


Everyone will make fake user accounts as made up superheroes. There will be a secret group of villians. In the begginning, all the superheroes and villians will roleplay as if they're fighting. In the end, they must uncover everyone's secret identity in order to decide who wins: Evil or Good.

Super HeroesEdit

The Super Heroes are basically made up heroes that will fight the Super Villians in order to win the game by uncovering all of the villian's secret identities. (The Users behind the fake villian accounts)

  • The Reptile- Identity Unknown
  • The Silver Knight- Identity Unknown


The Villians are a group of users who basically love the baddies. :D Their job is to battle the Heroes and discover their true identities before they win.

  • Proffessor Dark
  • Wind Guy 19:07, August 24, 2012 (UTC)