What is a Party?Edit

Party Acording to the AdminsEdit

Acording to Sklei, the Founder of the wiki who swore his allegiance to partyingEdit

Party. What a marvelous word. so much meaning in just 5 letters. The dictionary defines it as followed:

"a social gathering, as of invited guests at a private home,for conversation, refreshments, entertainment, etc."

And that is why the dictionary is stupid. Because party isn't just a meeting at a private home with refreshments and entertaiment. Party is so much more. Part is where people have fun together. A party is when people do stuff together. Party is when people are happy and have Positive Attitude. Party is AWESOME.

Acording to Sci, the Super Control Freak of Parties created by Awesomeness....Edit

I think Parties are super fun and are special. There should not be any fighting. We should be happy and celebrate, not argue. Parties are activites where everyone is happy. Parties are when People don't die from

boredem. Parties are the end of the Dictionary.


Party from PARTAY World look


Party In PARTAY WorldEdit


Party is a fun person who is always looking for a laugh. He likes to play party games and invite peopleto party with him. His plans for a party are stopped many times by the evils of Negative Attitude thought positive attitude is always helping him by protecting the party with his power of PARTY SLAP.


Positive AttitudeEdit

Positive is Partie's best friend. He protects Party in times of danger of evil Nega

Negative AttitudeEdit

Nega hates party because he is so happy so he always attacks him.