Jack's Avatar Changing Party
Party 4
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For Fun


August 29th, 2012 6:00 PM Est.


Hosted by The Awesome Jack! Anyone and everyone who changes their avatar!


You advertise things and change your avatar

Whoever wants to be in the party and will release change their avatar on that day and answer by filling this blank:

Nickname: (your nickname for instance The Awesome Jack = Jack or Cartoon44 = Toon)

Old Avatar: (What avatar you had before the party)

New Avatar: (What avatar are you changing into?)

Advertising (optional): (Advertise something to be in the party. Please fill although this is optional)

People in the PartyEdit

  1. Ahmad15
  • Nickname: Ahmad
  • Old Avatar: The Galvanic Humanoid Version of Me.
  • New Avatar: My Translyian Form.
  • Advertising (optional): Everybody Visit 15 Ahmad 15!
  1. The Awesome Jack
    • Nickname: Jack
    • Old Avatar: A bunch of ChamAlien heads.

    • New Avatar: Special BTHOAA Drawing

    • Advertising (optional): BTHOAA